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    Levy Event Hints/Tips


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    Levy Event Hints/Tips

    Post  FROST on Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:01 pm

    The South Village Villain
    • Have the authority arrest him. Loyalty +5
    • Rescue with your crew. Loyalty +7

    Fairy in the Wood
    • Talk to her. Loyalty +4
    • Leave her alone. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv *20)

    The Athens Games
    • Lecture them. Loyalty +4
    • Give them your support. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv * 25)

    Starvation Encounter
    • Aid the families. Loyalty +4
    • Keep moving. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv *10)

    Raging White Bear
    • Make her leave. Loyalty +4
    • Set free her cub. Loyalty +5

    Horn Snake
    • Tease by rocks. Drachmas + (Assembly Lv *30)
    • Kill with sword. Loyalty +7

    Fire Thunder
    • Put out the fire. Loyalty +7
    • Leave it to themselves. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*10)

    Man in Mask
    • Have him arrested and interrogated. Loyalty +7
    • Spy on him. Gold +5

    Running into Deserter
    • Arrest him. Loyalty +8
    • Execute him. Drachmas + (Assembly Lv*15)

    Levee Breach
    • Announce disaster relief. Loyalty +5
    • Send victims into exile. Drachmas + (Assembly Lv*35)

    Outlaws of the Enemy
    • Execute when captured. Drachmas + (Assembly Lv*3)
    • Recruit to the army. Loyalty +8

    The Unpleasant Citizens
    • Fund the project. Loyalty +4
    • Ignore the complaints. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*25)

    Respect the Hephaestus
    • Announce disaster relief. Loyalty +7
    • Pay respect to Hephaestus. Prestige +(Assembly*10), Levy -10min

    Gifts from the Citizens
    • Bow and accept the gifts. Prestige +(Assembly Lv *3)
    • Smile and move on. Loyalty +7

    Bountiful Harvest
    • Keep regular tax rate. Loyalty +4, Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3), Levy +1
    • Impose higher tax rate. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*35)

    The Female Burglar
    • Take her to interrogation. Loyalty +7
    • Make an exception. Gold +5

    The Evil Giant
    • Have the authority rescue her. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*5)
    • Rescue with your crew. Loyalty +5

    Mandatory Military Duty
    • Ignore what you see. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*5), Levy CD -30min
    • Make them stop. Loyalty +7

    The Injured Enemy
    • Settle him with medical treatment. Loyalty +7
    • Execute him on the spot. Prestige + (Assembly Lv *4)

    The Plague Outbreak
    • Look for cure. Loyalty +6
    • Isolate the infected. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*30)

    The Savages from the North
    • Launch strike. Loyalty +7
    • Recruit them. Loyalty +5, Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*25)

    The Savage Deserter
    • Execute him. Prestige + (Assembly Lv *4)
    • Recruit him. Loyalty +5

    The Black Mage
    • Deal with it in discretion. Gold +3
    • Question him in court. Loyalty +5, Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*10)

    The Odysseus Encounter
    • Greet him. Drachmas -600, Levy +1
    • Recruit him as your talent. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*2), Gold +10

    Pray for Rain
    • Kindly reject the request. Loyalty +4, Prestige +(Assembly Lv*2), Drachmas + (Assembly Lv*15)
    • Hold the ceremony. Loyalty +7

    The Gold-coated Wooden Case
    • Keep in storage. Loyalty +8
    • Open to check. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3)

    The Kidnapper Attack
    • Launch strike. Loyalty +7
    • Send troops to suppress. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3)

    The Waterfront Aphrodite
    • Leave with your crew. Loyalty +8
    • Listen quietly. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*30)

    The Widow and Her Son
    • Show sympathy. Loyalty +7
    • Have them taken care of. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3)

    The New Monk in Town
    • Disperse the crowd. Levy CD -10min
    • Stay and listen. Gold +3

    The Diplomatic Visit
    • Treat with banquet. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*2)
    • Have the tributes accepted. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*35)

    The Apocalypse
    • Move and settle in a safer place. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3)
    • Open food reserve to public. Loyalty +7, Drachmas -(Assembly Lv*20)

    Fixing the Muddy Path
    • Stumble Through. Loyalty +8
    • Lead citizens to rebuild. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*1)

    Graeae's Scroll
    • Send someone to pick it up. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*3)
    • Clear the rumor. Loyalty +7

    The Anger of the God of Moon
    • Renovate the temple. Loyalty +5
    • Rebuild the temple. Loyalty +8, Drachmas -(Assembly Lv*20)

    Tiger in the Woods
    • Capture the tiger yourself. Loyalty +5
    • Recruit citizens to capture the tiger. Prestige +(Assembly Lv *3)

    Rural Rich Soil
    • Move to the rich soil land. Loyalty +5, Levy +1
    • Recruit citizens to develop farmland. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*1), Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*20)

    The Collapsed Temple
    • Repair the temple yourself. Loyalty +7, Gold +7
    • Hire citizens to repair temple. Prestige +(Assembly Lv *7)

    Hades' Smile
    • Obey and pray. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*4)
    • Resist the temptation. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*25)

    The Grand Celebration
    • Hand out food to the public. Loyalty +8
    • Indulge in drinking. Loyalty +5, Levy CD -10min

    The Sizzling Rocks
    • Take charge at the quarry. Loyalty +5, Prestige +(Assembly*1), Drachmas +(Assembly Lv *10)
    • Give a raise in pay. Loyalty +4

    Big Rats
    • Pest control by men. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*4)
    • Bring in the cats. Loyalty +5, Drachmas +(Assembly*5)

    The Injured Soldiers
    • Settle them with medical treatment. Loyalty +5
    • Send them home. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*10)

    The Egyptian Ambassadors
    • Treat with banquet. Loyalty +5
    • Wait in hall. Prestige +(Assembly Lv *3)

    The Rage of Poseidon
    • Aid disaster victims. Loyalty +8
    • Pay tribute to Poseidon. Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*30)

    The Delivery of the Gospel
    • Stop him in public. Loyalty +5
    • Ask him to leave in private. Gold +10

    The Flood
    • Announce earthquake alert. Loyalty +5, Gold +5
    • Filter well water. Loyalty +8

    The Hornless Unicorn
    • Capture it in the woods. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*7), Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*40)
    • Leave it alone. Loyalty +4, Gold +10, Levy +1

    The Aristotle Encounter
    • Greet him. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*7), Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*30)
    • Recruit him. Gold +5, Levy CD -10min, Levy +1

    The Dark Assassin
    • Execute him. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*7), Drachmas +(Assembly Lv*7)
    • Lower tax rates. Loyalty +8

    The Waitress of Wine God
    • Lie and compliment. Prestige +(Assembly Lv*1)
    • Tell the truth. Levy +1

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